4‐in. Diamond Whetstone™ for use with Aligner™

Style: Extra Fine
Sale price$18.96 USD


For professional sharpening results, regardless of skill, you can count on DMT® Aligner™ Kits and Accessories. This 4" Diamond Whetstone™ is specialized for use with an Aligner™ AHF (Interchangeable Stone Holder), and is equipped with extra-fine diamond (9 micron / 1200 mesh) to polish and refine a razor edge after sharpening with a coarser diamond. Easy-to-follow instructions are also included. Thanks to the micronized monocrystalline diamond surface as well, you can sharpen edges faster and easier than conventional stones can. No messy oils are needed either, allowing you to sharpen dry or with water. Complete with a durable construction that will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service, professionals rely on the superior quality and versatility of DMT® products for proper tool maintenance. Made in the USA.

  • Portable, pocket convenience
  • Extra-Fine diamond to polish and refine an edge
  • Sharpens knives faster than conventional stones with DMT's micronized monocrystalline diamond surface
  • No oil needed, sharpen dry or with water

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