Baker Forge & Tool - Chevron CopperMai

Size - Length x Width x Thickness in Inches: 14.25 X 2.25 x 0.23"
Sale price$451.00 CAD


Chevron CopperMai 

 This billet layout uses our triple alloy Coppermascus cladding on a mono core. During the forging process, a chevron pattern is incorporated into the billet for a truly unique look!


- Chevron Coppermascus cladding with 80crv2 core

- Forged finish

- Fully Annealed 

The knife in the photograph below was made by Jordon Berthelot of JB Blades

What is “Coppermascus”??

Coppermascus was developed in 2020 by BakerForge by designing a fusion welding process for Copper to Carbon steel without the use of pure nickel. The result is a far stronger bond as shown during shear testing. The Coppermascus we offer is normally comprised of Copper with alternating layers of 15n20 and 1084 for unique contrasts.

Heat Treatment Info:

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