Baker Forge & Tool - Raindrop ShichiMai

Size - Length x Width x Thickness in Inches: 14 x 2.50 x 0.20"
Sale price$465.00 CAD


Raindrop ShichiMai - Wrought/Damascus

This layout is comprised of 3 main components on either side of a 80crv2 core. The first cladding layer is some beautiful wrought iron forge from antique ship chains. The history alone in this layer is unreal! The wrought iron etchs into a very cool wood grain like texture/pattern. Following the wrought is 100 layer Damascus for extra "pop" and to give a beautiful flow to the pattern. And of course third is the copper layer sitting right up against the core material. It just isnt a Baker Forge billet without that stark layer of pure grade copper. 😍



- Antique Wrought Iron and 100 Layer Damascus cladding with a strip of solid copper and a 80crv2 core for optimal cutting performance!

- Forged finish

- Billets come fully annealed 


What is the term "ShichiMai" and what does it mean? 


"Shichi" comes from Japanese meaning seven . And "Mai" meaning layer.  Hence, ShichiMai = Seven Layer


SanMai - 3 Layer

GoMai - 5 Layer 

ShichiMai - 7 Layer

Heat Treatment Info:

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