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AAA QUENCH OIL is a clear, gold colored product designed to provide maximum cooling rates for austenitized steels. Its formulation guarantees good stability due to its accelerator package which will not stratify out at any temperature nor can it be filtered out. AAA QUENCH OIL can be used as a quench from temperatures as high as 1750°F and is especially suitable for developing maximum oil-quenched hardness in medium and low alloy steels. It is widely used as a quenching medium for carburized and carbonitrided work as well.

AAA QUENCH OIL is known as a fast quench oil, achieving rapid cooling rates in the nucleate boiling stage immediately following a short vapor phase. It also provides a slower cooling rate through the martensitic transformation range (Ms-Mf) than competitor’s fast quench oils. This ensures higher and deeper hardness levels are created without accompanying distortion of parts. Testing demonstrates AAA QUENCH OIL's superior heat removal characteristics are the difference between partial and complete hardening in actual practice.

Overall, distortion in oil quenched parts is proven to be caused by sluggish, non-uniform cooling rates. This is due to the thermal variations and mixed microstructures in the initial stages of the quench which slower quench oils produce. A fast uniform quench is especially important in batch-type carbonitriding furnaces to provide all portions of the load becoming evenly hardened. The quenching rate provided by AAA QUENCH OIL was designed to satisfy this requirement. Additionally, this low viscosity quench oil drains off parts quickly resulting in less drag-out and is characteristically easier to wash off work after quenching. If left on, it provides a thin film of protection from rust.

You can use AAA QUENCH OIL with confidence. Your parts will achieve maximum oil quenched hardness with minimum distortion or cracking. Lastly, AAA QUENCH OIL will produce exceptionally clean, bright work when used within its recommended temperature range.


Properties of new AAA Quench Oil
Anti-oxidation Agent: Present
Appearance: Clear, Gold Colored Oil
Viscosity @ 100oF (38°C): 14.0 – 19.3 cSt
Nickel Ball Time: 9 – 11 seconds
Flash Point: > 340oF (171°C) [Typical test value = 370 oF]

Bath Parameters
Temperature: 77 – 180oF (25 - 82°C) (open tank operation)
77 – 130oF (25 - 55°C) (vacuum operation)
200oF (93°C) Max (under protective atmosphere)
Velocity: > 100 FPM (0.5 MPS)
Immersion Time: As required for appropriate metallurgical transformation

Electrical immersion heaters used to raise the temperature of the oil should not exceed 10.0 watts per square inch in a well agitated environment.

Safety Data Sheet

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