Orion Sanding Stick

Style: Orion Sanding Stick with Flat Insert (1 inch wide)
Sale price$70.00 CAD


Orion Sanding Stick

The Orion Sanding Stick was developed by Marcin Pham of Poland. @orionknifeworks

The unique design of this sanding stick is that it has built in spring clamps that will hold the paper and save your thumbs from holding the sanding paper.

The sanding stick accepts 1" strips of your favorite sanding paper. It is quick and easy to advance the paper as it wears out.

The base unit comes with a flat insert for hand sanding flats.   There are also other radius inserts available in 6", 8", 10", 12" and 36".   These allow you to sand hollow grinds and S-grinds.   

Flat Leather insert available

Available in 1” wide sanding area and 2” wide sanding area

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