Carolina Glove Kevlar® Flannel with Cotton Cuff Gloves

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Carolina Glove 

Product Description

100% Kevlar® Flannel with Cotton Cuff

  •  Hotmill pattern Kevlar® with Band Top
  • Resistant to tears and rips
  • Quilted Cotton Lining
  • Available with Gauntlet Cuff
  • Available in Sizes (Men’s and Ladies)
  • Reversible for wear
  • ANSI Cut Level A3
  • Heat Resistant


For air conditioning, manufacturing , automotive
industries, bakeries, ceramic plants, general
appliance industries, heating, metal stamping
operations and medium heat applications.

Resistant to cuts, tears and abrasion


Wash or Dry Clean
Do not use bleach


Cut Resistance measured using the ASTM 1790-97 method
ANSI/ISEA 105-2011 Level A3 Cut Resistance
Kevlar® cut resistant gloves, relative to their weight, provide up to (5)
five times the strength of steel. Kevlar® gloves are cut resistant, and
they also provide comfort and dexterity and will not ignite, melt or
conduct electricity

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