Cocobolo Scales

Sale price$10.00 CAD


Set of two matched knife handle scales to make one knife handle. Each scale measures 3/8" thick x 1-1/2" high x 5" long.  

Cocobolo, also known as 'Cocobola' comes from Central America. As a favorite at William Wood-Write, photos cannot do its brilliant colour justice. Even its scent is reminiscent of sweet spices. It holds a kaleidoscope of varying colours all the way from purple to orange. Its streaks and highlights make every piece unique. Its grain is interlocked and the wood has a fine texture and natural glow. Commonly prized, Cocobolo is a dense tropical wood that changes colour as its cut and worked with, producing more vivid colours as you go.

These scales have been cut on a band saw and have not been sanded. A rough exterior is not considered a defect. The picture is a typical representation. Your scales will be chosen at random and may differ from the image shown.

This is NOT stabilized 

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