Damasteel® Knifetalk Build Along Drakkar

Sale price$135.00 CAD


DS93X Buildalong Drakkar™

Size: MM 50x2,6x300mm  INCHES 1.96" x 0.10" x 11.8"

A new kind of Damasteel®

Drakkar™ represents a totally unique way of producing Damasteel® patterned material in sheet format. The pattern is composed of 72 layers and comes alive with a full bevel grind to the blade.

What makes Drakkar™ so special?
Made via powder metallurgy, and with the same high quality and sharp lines of the Damasteel® patented products you already know, Drakkar™ is a reimagined patterned steel in sheet format.

Build Along DEETS

On March 25th Damasteel will be releasing billets of DRAKKAR™️ for the #damasteelbuildalong exclusively through @maritimeknifesupply.

Participants have until November 1, 2024 to work on their culinary knives with this year’s billet then submit a single picture for judging.
Have questions about working with Damasteel? Head over to @knifetalkpodcast where you can listen each week as this team of knife pros leads you through different steps in the process. Send in your (short 😉) questions to them and check out Damasteel.com for past inspiration and technical datasheets. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!


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