GFSKS - 1084

Size: 3mm (0.118") x 40mm (1.57") x 1000mm (39.37")
Sale price$25.00 CAD



1084 is a great steel suitable for beginner makers right through to seasoned professionals. A good combination of toughness and wear resistance with easy forging. This steel can be easily heat treated at home.

Country Of Manufacture:

United Kingdom

Suggested Heat Treatment:

Heat to 805 – 825C (1481-1517F) Hold for 4 minutes

Oil Quench (Suggested Oil is Rye 50) (Quench 50)

Temper for two hours at 200C (392F)

Supplied in 1000mm Lengths - Hot Rolled Pickled Annealed

GFSKS = Ground Flat Stock Knife Supplies in the UK

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