Gulso Bolts- Stainless Steel- Knife Handle Fasteners- 1/4" STANDARD

Size: Single
Sale price$5.50 CAD



Gulso Bolts- 1/4" Standard

***There are a now three lengths of 1/4" head diameter gulso bolts (STANDARD, SHORT & MICRO).  Please check listing descriptions for detailed dimensions of each size***

Knife Handle Fasteners

Material:  Stainless steel

T20 Torx Head


Head Diameter- 1/4"

Barrel Diameter- 5/32"

Screw Overall Length- .47" (head thickness is .1" of OAL)

Barrel/Post Overall Length- .475" (head thickness is .1" of OAL)

Each Gulso Bolt comes with 1 ea male and female side.


Counterbore Selection Guide: 

Gulso Bolts-

1/4" uses Counterbore #CB2 with Pilot #PIL5

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