Hermes RB 406 J FLEX 2 x 72" Belts

Size: 120 Grit
Sale price$5.00 CAD


2 x 72 RB 406 J-flex

Highly flexible aluminum oxide abrasive belt with heat-reducing coating. These are  good quality yet affordable belts to for handle shaping.

Product benefits

  • Highly adaptive to intricate contours and radii
  • Low grinding temperatures due to additional temperature-reducing coating
  • Especially suitable for grinding stainless steel and high-alloy steel
Forged and cast parts:
  • Stock removal of sprue or cast skin on brass fittings
  • Finishing of brass fittings before chrome plating
  • Brush finish on stainless steel fittings
  • Finishing cutlery
  • Grinding surgical instruments
  • Grinding implants
  • Grinding stainless steel pots and pans
  • Surface finishing of door fittings
Product design
Type: RB 406 J-flex
Grain: Aluminum oxide
Bonding: Synthetic resin, with active ingredient coating
Backing: J-flex cloth
Coating: Closed
600 Grit are RB 346-MF


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