Jewellers Diamond Needle File Sets

Jewellers Diamond Needle File Sets

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Diamond Needle Files are produced by electroplating diamond onto steel blanks using nickel. The smaller the particles, the finer the grit of the file. That's why diamond needle files are referred to in grits rather like sandpaper. The higher the number, the smaller the grit, and the finer the finish. For example, a 600 grit diamond file will be much finer than a 220 grit.

  • Set of 10 Diamond Warding Files in the wallet
  • Shapes included:
    Round, Flat Parallel,
    Square, 3Square, Half Round, Knife, Crossing,
    Oval & Crossing Taper
  • Overall Length 5 1/2"
  • Cutter Length 2"
  • Shank Size 1/8"

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