TR Maker Adjustable Knife Grinding Jig (8 Inch)

Color: Blue
Sale price$230.00 CAD


TR Maker Belt Grinder /Adjustable Knife Grinding Jig 

  •  We claim that this knife jig will save you time and it is very easy to sharpen you knife with this product
  • Adjustable angle from  85 degrees to 125 degrees
  • 8" (20 cm) length ve 3,15" (8 cm) height
  • Noncorrosive body of the product that is made from T6061 plane aluminum is embroidered in sensitive CNC machines. 
  • The body is machined from aluminum to assist in dissipating the high heat generated during grinding.
  • It has 30 big(m8) and 16 small (m6) threaded bolts for many different knife models.
  • Because of two  big conduits, you can connect your knives in any heights you desire.
  • You will receive 6 additional bolts to connect your knives
  • It never vibrates thanks to hinge that buried in the body of the product
  • Because of the special design jointed handle, it opens to right  and closes to the left
  • For a better use and comfort, it has a special arm to hold and grasp
  • It has a durable plastic layer like a sledge at the bottom of it to provide a better slide
  • Thanks to anodized coating, the product is protected toward corrosion).(Blue, Black, and golden colors are available. Please look over our products in our store
  • It is very easy to clean; Clean it with water and dry it
  • The body  part of it has a warranty toward corrosion

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