TR Maker Pro Blade Center Plotter

Color: Blue
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TR Maker Pro Blade Center Plotter

It is designed for easy center and cheek lines on your knives, and you will even be able to make center lines in thicker materials.

The body of the product is made of T6061 aluminum with precision CNC machines and other components are made of Stainless Steel.

The friction surfaces are armored with stainless steel against scratching.

Hard anodized coating is applied against corrosion.

The steel that will make the middle drawing is 10 mm in the narrow position and 44 mm in the wide position

Pointed hard steel is used to mark your hard steels.

A representative ruler has been created for the side line. You can create the side line by taking reference from here.

Wipe it with a slightly oily cloth after use and leave it alone. We have no doubt that it will serve you for years.

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